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The group Stolpersteine Heppenheim e.V. – Erinnern für die Zukunft (Stumbling Stones in Heppenheim – Remembering for the Future) was established in April 2013 to promote the laying and maintenance of “stumbling stones” in Heppenheim.

Our objective is to keep alive the memory of the victims of the Nazi regime, people who were exiled, deported and murdered. We also commemorate those victims who died in other ways as a result of their persecution, or committed suicide. Primarily, the group aims to preserve the memory of the Jewish residents of Heppenheim.

The theme “Remembering for the future” has particular relevance in schools. Three pupils of the Starkenburg Gymnasium school created our logo based on this idea.

“Remembering for the future” means:

Another important aspect of our group’s activity is to make contact with the descendants of the commemorated people, to preserve these contacts, and to invite as many of them as possible to the stone-layings.

Vorstand 2018

From left to right: Christiane Wüstner, Frank Sticksel, Sabine Fraune, Dr. Hermann Müller, Annette Spencer, Petra Göttert, Sabine Schreck, Birgit Meurer

Chairwoman: Sabine Fraune
Deputy Chairman: Frank Sticksel
Secretary: Dr. Hermann Müller
Treasurer: Christiane Wüstner
Assessors: Birgit Meurer, Sabine Schreck, Petra Göttert, Annette Spencer

Our society rules (in German only): [pdf]


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